Legal Translation

The legal system and language referred to in the source text will be structured in manner appropriate to the culture in question. This is why it is significant that someone who is familiar with this legal system and its language reads the target text. Our legal translators are quite efficient; theyre very carefully selected and tested just to make sure whether they can effectively translate any critical legal documents. A number of our legal translators are Attorneys or Lawyers who have also been awarded language degrees.

Legal requirements
Forlegalandofficialreasons, evidentiary documentsalong with otherofficialdocumentationare oftenneededwithin theofficiallanguage(s) ofjurisdiction.In certainnations, thetranslatoris needed toswearanoathwhenconvertingsuchdocumentstoapprovethat it'sthelegalsame asthe origintext.Often, only a special category of translators are authorised to swear these oaths. In some instances, the translation is only recognized as a legal equivalent if accompanied by the original or a sworn or certified copy. Even if a translator is specialised in legal translation or is a lawyer in his/her country, this does not necessarily make him a sworn translator. The procedure for translating as legal equivalence differs from country to country.

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Below weve mentioned few typical legal translations:  

  • Intellectual property and patent translation 
  • Contract translation 
  • Witness statement translation 
  • Correspondence translation 
  • Foreign legal text translation 
  • Annual report translation 
  • Legal marketing translation 
  • License translation 
  • Registration document translation 
  • Expert report translation 
  • Litigation translation 
  • Arbitration translation 
  • Translation of documents relating to real estate transactions, as well as technical texts.

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Example of a certified translation

Example of a certified translation

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