Medical Translation

In the medical world, quality translation is not a matter of luxury.

It can be essential! Medicine is universal, but language is not. Without sufficient understanding of the medical terms, medical concepts and medical terminology involved, it is not possible to produce a complete translation that captures the universal meaning of the original medical text.

Our professional translators operating in this field are certified doctors and scientists.You can 100% trust them. Among others, we translate the following:

  • Patents
  • Clinical Protocols
  • Pharmacy packaging Labeling
  • Patient information
  • Insurance claims
  • Medical records etc.

Important details for the best medical translation

Translating medical documents precisely needs a native, formal level of language proficiency, analytical abilities, and a deep-rooted cultural understanding of the source and target languages. A medical translator must have completed a formal education in the source and target languages to a minimum of college level (ideally with training in translation theory and practice), be an specialist in the terminology of the topic, fully understand the source text, write faultlessly, and make use of highly specialised dictionaries.

Expert medical translators also undertake terminology research to authenticate equivalents in the target language, specifically when translating into a language with several regional differences, and/or to realize a term in context.

The quality of the source document significantly influences that of the final translation.

If there are any confusing or poorly written passages, the target language passage will be equally confusing unless the linguist seeks clarification or rephrases the passage.

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Example of a certified translation

Example of a certified translation

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