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The Native Translator, the fastest and premier quality online translation service.

Were a highly professional translation agency. You can get a quote for your translation job from us within seconds and can get your translation completed just within an hour. No registration is required. So you dont have to disclose any of your personal information. We just need your email address. Payment can be done through PayPal.  

Being a leading provider of certified online translation services we always maintain a high quality! In addition, as several of our translators are sworn, we can provide sworn and certified translations.

If youre from a government department or corporation, we suggest that you visit our corporate website www.the-business-translator.com

All of our translators are native speakers. As they speak their language everyday, you can surely expect to get 100% accuracy from your translation. Moreover, all of our translators have individual expertise in a particular field. Based upon their field of expertise they undertake each job successfuly. For providing quality translation services, this is an extremely important factor that we always keep in our mind!

All of our translators satisfy the needs specified by European standard EN 15038 for translators and translation agencies.

Our minimum online translation charge is 10, a standard A4 page is usually converted for around 35. We guarantee to translate three A4 pages of up to 800 words in total within 24 hours online!


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Example of a certified translation

Example of a certified translation

What a team, you have done a fantastic job!

Ahmad Hammoud, Managing Director, Nuance Media, Dubai, AE

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