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The Native Translator,
an ISO certified translation agency!

As a translation agency certified to ISO 17100, we can guarantee top quality, professional translations, delivered online, in over 100 languages and on any subject. 

Our team can literally be found all over the world! Globally, we have more than 5,500 professional translators working for us. All our translators are graduates and work from their qualified language into their mother tongue. They are also qualified in their fields, providing them with the terminology and linguistic ability to produce correctly worded translations. Whether your require a translation of a highly medical text, or an engineering manual, or a certified translation of a legal document, we can help.


Why choose us as your translation agency?


We can provide you with fast, accurate translations, which if required, can also be certified by accredited translators. We specialise in certified translations for over 100 countries!



In terms of the quality, speed, proficiency and price of our certified translations, no one else on the global market meets the standard that we can offer.



Our team of translators work according to the international ISO 17100 quality standard. Meeting stringent requirements is also part of their day-to-day job. But if, for any reason, your text falls short of expectation, we'll re-translate it - until you're completely satisfied.



All of our translators have at least one university or college degree, providing us with a solid competence to produce professional translations in all subjects – right through from medicine to law.



Our global team are experts in more than 100 languages – including some of the more exotic ones!



Any questions? We’d be happy to answer them. Our FAQ section covers most areas. But if you’d like more information, our customer service team will be happy to take your questions by phone or email.


A quick, low-cost and professional translation service – ISO 17100 certified quality translations wherever you like, whenever you like.

Our mission:

To provide you with a quality, professional translation faster and more competitively priced than any other provider. To produce a professional translation in the language of your choice, and what’s more: We are one of the fastest translation agencies in the world. We supply an express service, giving you a first class translation within hours. We guarantee that every document you receive from us has been carefully and professional translated by one of our experts. We can also produce certified translations and send them to you by email with all the necessary documentation within hours. It’s simple. It’s secure (just like paying by PayPal or SaferPay). And it’s just as easy.

Our prices:

As one of the leading translation agencies, we work only with the best international translators. They are professionals who translate into their native tongue and who have a firm grasp of the subject matter and terminology of the text, whatever your field. They live in the country in which the language is spoken and keep up to date with the ever-changing development of the language, enabling them to express themselves in a contemporary and professional manner, just as you should expect when ordering a translation from a certified, global translation agency. At the same time, our prices are still among the most reasonable in the industry, with a standard page of A4 generally costing around €45 to translate with no hidden extra expense.

Our network:

We have many accredited translators in our network, enabling us to also offer a certification service. If you need a qualified translator for a multinational corporation or public agency, please visit our corporate website The Business Translator, which has access to our network of over 5,500 translators. Our translators are not only fluent in the target language, since it is their native tongue, they also have excellent command of nuances and modern, colloquial language when required. Whether it’s a medical document, technical manual, legal text or information material, we know your language and satisfy all requirements of an expert translation.

For a qualified translation, we are the partner of choice:

If you need a certified or sworn translation, or an expert translation, or you have other translation needs, we’re the right partner for you, even if it involves one of the more ‘exotic’ languages. The Native Translator is a leading provider of professional translations – delivered quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. Have your documents professionally translated online with the quality assurance that comes from working with an ISO certified, global translation agency.

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