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Translation of Email

Increase your sales – strengthen your contact network.

Part of running a multilingual business means sending and receiving email in other languages. You can opt to translate your email correspondence yourself, or you can save time and order professional translations – your business partner abroad will also understand exactly what you mean.

Simply mail your email message to us and one of our professional translators will quickly translate your text. We’re also ready to help you translate non-specialised general documents, such as letters, speeches or any other types of general information you may need. 

10 ways you can benefit when TNT translates your email:

  1. An easy way to completely overcome and break all language barriers. You avoid misunderstandings and increase your turnover.
  2. Easier to establish your business in other countries.
  3. High quality translations - TNT has a strict control system and works only with professional translators who are fluent in the source language and translate into their native language. We also offer specialised translators, such as translators who are also civil engineers, lawyers etc.
  4. Eliminates cultural errors, the translator translates with the cultural factors in mind.
  5. The translation is done by a translator with solid international experience in providing email translation services.
  6. Fast deliveries, often within a few hours.
  7. Over 100 languages to choose from. Help is available to you 24/7, 365 days a year, for all the world’s major languages.
  8. You save precious work time which you can devote to something else.
  9. Confidential process – all TNT’s translators are bound by a confidentiality undertaking.
  10. Very good value, click on the quote button below and see for yourself! 

The Native Translator is part of The Translator Group – a global communications and translation company with registered office in Switzerland. We are certified to both ISO 17000 and CAN/CGSB-131.10 – European and North American quality standards for translation companies.

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